Instrucciones de instalación

Unfortunately the description of the plug-in and the installation guidance are at the moment only in German, English and French available. We look for assistance to translate the texts into other languages (Italian, Spanish, Dutch). The assistance will be recompensed with a 1 year free account!
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  1. Please download the file safetycamsam.dat and save it on your hard drive.

  2. Connect the device or a separate card reader to the PC by using a USB cable and copy the saftetycamsam.dat file to the SD card root.

  3. When you start the Destinator application on the navigation device, the safetycamsam.dat file is automatically imported to the application and removed from the SD card. If Destinator is already on when you insert the SD card into the device slot, you can use the Import Favorites button, located on the Favorites Group Action menu to import the safetycamsam.dat file.

  4. The speed camera location alerts are automatically enabled, providing an alert when you are in close proximity to a speed camera.

  • It is highly recommended that you do not change the safetycamsam.dat file name. If you change the file name, Destinator Technologies cannot be responsible for Destinator application performance.

  • It is recommended that you have Destinator version and up to use the Speed Camera database. Destinator Technologies cannot be responsible for performance problems if you download the Speed Camera database for Destinator versions prior to