Instrucciones de instalación

  • Por favor instale primero el cargador actual de POIs de Garmin. Puede descargárselo de la páginas de soporte de Garmin.

  • Por favor guarde previamente los "Objetivos especiales de usuario".

  • Los POIs y categorías de radares no pueden ser editados en el aparato mismo.

  • Ud. se puede hacer avisar de todos los radares, o bien sólo cuando sobrepase la velocidad.


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  1. Please log in to and go to the Kenwood product page. Before starting the download you have to select your desired countries and choose one of the possible options for images (we recommend: split into all categories). After that push Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  2. In our example we save the file in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program to a folder of your choice in your computer. In our example, we select the folder "C:/temp/kenwood".

  4. Now the folder "C:/temp/kenwood" contains all unzipped files in *.bmp and *.csv format (every file stands for a speedcam category):

    Camera... section control
    Redlight... red light monitoring system
    Speed... speed camera

  5. Insert an USB stick or a SD-card (blank, formatted as FAT) into your computer.
    If it doesn't work with one of these options, please try the other one.
    Kenwood DNX4180BTS (use SD-card)
    Kenwood DNX5160DABS (use USB stick)
    Kenwood DNX7150DAB (use USB stick)

  6. Start the software Garmin POI Loader.

  7. Follow the first instructions on your screen.

  8. Following you have to select the folder on your hard disk which contains the unzipped files. In our example it is the folder "C:/temp/kenwood". Now you can choose between the settingmode Express or Manual.

    Express mode

    In this mode all settings are given by POI Loader. Click Next button and the speed cameras with all standard settings will be switched on your SD-card (or USB stick).

    Manual mode

    Select manual mode to set all settings for each speedcam category by your own. You have two possibilities: you can be warned if you exceed the speed limit or you define a distance for each category in which you want to be warned.

    We recommend the following settings; of course you are free to adjust the values to suit your needs:

    10-30 mph speed camera
    (e.g. Camera_30.csv, Redlight_30.csv, Speed_30.csv, ...)
    100 m
    40-80 mph speed camera
    (e.g. Camera_50.csv, Redlight_40.csv, Speed_60.csv, ...)
    250 m
    90-130 mph speed camera
    (e.g. Camera_90.csv, Redlight_90.csv, Speed_130.csv, ...)
    500 m
    variable speed camera
    (e.g. Camera.csv, Speed.csv)
    500 m
    red light
    (e.g. Redlight.csv)
    100 m

  9. Finish the installation. POI Loader created the file Poi.gpi on the SD-card (or USB stick). Please create the folders "[SD-card]/garmin/poi" on your SD-card and copy the file Poi.gpi into the last folder.

  10. Take the SD-card (or USB stick) out of the card reader. Insert the SD-card (or USB stick) in your Kenwood device. The import of own POIs should be started automatically. Please follow the instructions on screen.

  11. Now, all speed cameras are installed and your Kenwood device is ready for a safe trip!