Instrucciones de instalación

1 Installation of software POI Loader
2 Download speed camera data
3 Preparing USB flash drive or SD card
4 Installation of speed camera data
5 Enabling proximity alerts
6 Updating speed camera data
7 Advice for countries with different units (MPH and KMH)



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1 Installation of software POI Loader

  1. First, please install the software POI Loader on your computer.
    Load the latest POI Loader from the Garmin support website for free:

    Download POI Loader for Windows

    Download POI Loader for Mac


2 Download speed camera data

  1. We offer data of fixed speed cameras and mobile speed cameras.
    Go to our productpage for Kenwood.
    Make your choice.

  2. Download mobile speed camera data:

    Press the button Download For Free.
    The download starts automatically.
    Save file to your hard disc.

    Kenwood devices based on Garmin software. Our screenshots are to be understood as examples.
    They show the file instead of Mentally replace garmin with kenwood.

  3. Download fixed speed cameras:

    Make your choice on the download page.
    Use the preselection list on the left side or the country list on the right.
    Press the CTRL key for multiple choice.

  4. Select a speed camera icon.
    See sample icons below each option.

    Note: The number of speed cameras is the same for each option, no matter how many files the download contains.

    If you choose Split into all categories,...'ll get various icons for respective camera types (e.g. section control, redlight, speed camera). The database is split into many files, e.g. SCDB_Redlight.csv, SCDB_Redlight_20.csv,..., SCDB_Section_20.csv, SCDB_Speed_30.csv, ..., SCDB_Tunnel.csv, aso.

    If you choose Split into speed cameras & redlights,...'ll get 2 icon files (speedcam and redlight). The database is split into two files. E.g. SCDB_Speed.csv, SCDB_Redlight.csv

    If you choose All safety cameras in one category,...'ll get 1 icon file (speed camera). The database consists of only one file. E.g. SCDB_Camera.csv

    If you choose All safety cameras in one category (another icon),...'ll get 1 icon file (warning triangle). The database consists of only one file. E.g. SCDB_Danger.csv

    Select icon size also: small, medium or large.
    Try out yourself what looks best on your device.

  5. Press button Download Now.
    Save the file on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly in the download folder of the computer. Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the location by yourself.

  6. In our example, we download fixed and mobile speed cameras.
    We save the files and in the folder Downloads on our computer.

  7. Unpack zip file(s).
    You'll get folders for fixed and mobile speed cameras.

    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right click on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double click on the zip file.

    Note: CSV files are displayed by an Excel icon if you have installed Microsoft Excel on your computer. No reason to worry!
    You should not open the file via Excel though because the file format then can get corrupted and the file unusable.

    The folder kenwood includes fixed speed cameras.

    Files formats: CSV (speedcams) and BMP (icons).
    The number of files depends on your choice on download page.
    The file name indicates which speed camera data is contained in the file.

    We downloaded speed cameras for Europe, split in all categories. File names let you know about the file content.
    Our speed values are unitless. They can refer to mph (Great Britain) and kph (Continental Europe).
    Ex.: Both, the British speedcam with 30mph and the German speedcam with 30kph are included in the file SCDB_Speed_30.csv (if you select these countries).
    See also capter 7: Advice for countries with various units (MPH and KMH).

    SCDB_Redlight redlight cameras
    SCDB_Redlight_50 combined cameras for redlight and speed
    SCDB_Section_40 SPECS, section controls with speed limit 40 mph / kph
    SCDB_Speed_30 speed cameras with speed limit 30 mph / kph
    SCDB_Speed_variable speed cameras with variable speed limit
    SCDB_Tunnel cameras inside a tunnel or following a tunnel

    The folder kenwood-mobile includes mobile speed cameras in subfolders.
    Choose only 1 country. Or choose All countries if you want more than 1 country.

  8. Move all files for fixed speedcams and all files for mobile speedcams into one folder before starting POI Loader.
    (Ignore this step when you install only fixed speedcams.)

    In our example: We create a new folder SCDB-Blitzer on the desktop.
    We then move all files into this folder to install.

    Fixed speedcams: Move all *.csv and *.bmp files into the folder SCDB-Blitzer:

    Mobile speedcams: Choose 1 country (or folder "All countries") and move all *.csv files into the folder SCDB-Blitzer:

    Mobile speedcams: Choose subfolder with preferred icon size (e.g. mobile_32x32_8bit_medium) and move all *.bmp files into folder SCDB-Blitzer:

    Finally, the folder SCDB-Blitzer includes all files for the installation:


3 Preparing USB flash drive or SD card

    Important note:
    Use an USB flash drive or a SD card for the installation.
    We don't know before what a specific device needs. It depends on the individual case. Examples:

    Installation with USB flash drive Installation with SD card
    Kenwood DNN 9230 DAB Kenwood DNX 4180 BTS
    Kenwood DNR 3190 BTS
    Kenwood DNR 4190 DABS
    Kenwood DNX 451 RVS
    Kenwood DNX 4190 DABS
    Kenwood DNX 5160 DABS
    Kenwood DNX 5190 DABS
    Kenwood DNX 7150 DAB
    Kenwood DNX 7190 DABS
    Kenwood DNX 9190 DABS

    Note: If it doesn't work with the first option, please try the other one.


  1. Connect USB flash drive or SD card to the computer.

  2. Reformat USB flash drive or SD card as FAT32 (not: FAT/FAT16 or exFAT).
    Do not use quick format.

    Important note: Always reformat, even if you have newly purchased the SD card or USB flash drive.


  3. Create new folder Garmin on USB flash drive or SD card. (indeed Garmin, not Kenwood)
    Create subfolder POI in folder Garmin.



4 Installation of speed camera data

  1. Start the software POI Loader.
    Follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. Select Computer to save the POI file on your computer.

  3. Press Browse.
    Choose the location where the POI file should be saved.

    In our example, we choose Desktop in order to find the file quickly.

  4. Press Browse.
    Choose the location where the unzipped POI file(s) were saved.

    In our example it's the folder SCDB-Blitzer on the desktop.

  5. Choose a name for POI file, e.g. poi.
    Select units (miles and MPH / Meters and kPH).

    Also select the setting mode.
    Express mode is recommended.

    Express Mode

    The express mode uses default settings for proximity alerts.

    Manual Mode

    The manual mode allows you to set custom values for approaching alerts. This takes more time.

  6. Press Next.
    The POI Loader reads the data and converts them into a POI file.
    The POI Loader displays the exact number of installed POIs at the end.

  7. Find the converted POI file poi.gpi on your desktop.
    The file name depends on your choice in the step before.

    Copy and paste the POI file to SD card or USB flash drive into folder POI.

  8. Disconnect SD card or USB flash drive from the computer.


5 Enabling proximity alerts

  1. Switch on the Kenwood device.
    Start navigation.
    Insert SD card / USB flash drive to device.

    Usually the device automatically recognizes the new data.
    Sometimes message appears: "All existing own POIs are deleted. Do you want to continue?".
    Confim Yes.

  2. Go to Settings > Driver Assistance > Proximity Alerts.



    Menu Audio: We recommend "Continuous Tone".
    No voice alert available.

    Menu Alerts: Enable "Custom POIs". "Garmin Safety Cameras" must be disabled!
    You can't use SCDB and Garmin Safety Cameras at the same time.

  3. You want to check if the installation was successful? Go to Where To? > Categories > Custom POIs.
    Select a speedcam POI in one of the available SCDB categories.



  4. Finally, your device is ready for a safe drive!


6 Updating speed camera data

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update the speed camera data on your device.
    In general, it is not necessary to delete old data before.
    New data overwrite the old ones if you choose the same name for POI file (e.g. poi).
    In case you have any problems with the installation, you should delete old POIs from the system beforehand.
    Monthly updates are recommended.


7 Advice for countries with different units (MPH and KMH)

    In case you want to travel to countries with another speed unit, there are a few things you must consider.

    You downloaded data for fixed speedcams in "Europe" with the option "Split into all categories (several files)".
    These files are unitless in our data: So, the file SCDB_Tempo_30.csv contains speedcams with both speeds 30 km/h AND 30 mph.

    In Europe, the speed is measured in km/h (kilometers per hour), while in Great Britain it's mph (miles per hour).
    In the POI Loader though, you have to choose only one unit.

    Please download the countries with the with different units separately from each other.
    Install the files using the POI Loader separately from each and choose different names.

    First, please download data for fixed speedcams in Europe (without Great Britain).
    Only then go on to download the data for Great Britain.

    Install the data for Europe first, using the POI Loader.
    Name the POI file poi-europe and choose the units Meter und km/h.
    POI Loader will create the file poi-europe.gpi.

    Then, install the data for Great Britain using the POI Loader.
    Name the POI file poi-uk and choose the units Miles and mph.
    The POI Loader will create the file poi-uk.gpi.

    In the device settings you can adjust the units for each country.
    The speedcam alerts will now be correct and unit based.