Instrucciones de instalación

We are seeking beta testers!

Do you have a Citroën / Peugeot RT6 device?
If yes, just write us an email to and send a picture of your device and the installed software version. We will contact you asap.

We very appreciate your assistance.


  1. Find your device by entering your VIN or model and year.
    Search for Citroën VIN or model and year
    Search for Peugeot VIN or model and year

    The database has been successfully tested so far with these software versions:

    Important note: This file is only compatible with RT6 devices (also known as Citroën eMyWay / Peugeot Wip Nav+). It's not compatible with SMEG devices.

  2. Reformat an USB flash drive as FAT32.

  3. Unzip the ZIP file to the root directory of the USB flash drive.

  4. Connect the USB flash drive to the device.

  5. Confirm the update.


    The beta sample file covers the following countries:
    001 Italy
    002 France & Andorra
    003 Spain & Portugal
    004 Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
    005 UK & Ireland
    006 Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)
    012 Germany
    013 Central Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Northern Italy)
    016 Russia
    020 Eastern Europe South (Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro)
    021 Eastern Europe North East (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine)
    022 Eastern Europe North West (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia)