Instrucciones de instalación

I regret to inform you that the description of the plug-in and the installation guidance are only available in German and English at the moment. We look for assistance to translate the texts into other languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch). The assistance will be recompensed with a lifelong free account!
Please write us an e-mail to for more information!


  1. Please log in to and go to the Navirad Elite product page. Load and save the file map.rad to your hard disk.

  2. Take your Navirad Elite and switch it to OFF.

  3. Connect the Navirad Elite over the USB cable to your computer. Now switch it to ON.

  4. Please start the software Navirad UserTool and connet your computer with the GPS device.

  5. Go to DB Upgrade (video: Mise à jour) and disable "Automatic". Then click to Upgrade Button and choose the loaded file map.rad from SCDB.