Instrucciones de instalación

1 Notes
2 Identifying device
2.1 Nissan Connect 1.5
2.2 Nissan Connect 3
3 Free sample file
4 Installation of speed cameras
5 Updating speed cameras
6 Removing speed cameras



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1 Notes

    The installation can only be done with a Windows computer.
    The database cannot be installed with Mac computer.
    Nissan Connect devices can not read USB flash drives when they are written by a Mac. Because the Mac is writing additional (hidden) files.

    Speedcam alerts comes also without active navigation routing. Alerts appears approximately 250 meters before approaching.
    Speedcams are shown by icons (small cameras) when the map is in foreground. If the map is in background, some devices bring an alert pop-up showing speedcam ID and speed limit (depending on device software).

    Installation of new custom POIs always overwrites self-installed POIs from previous installation.
    Nissan pre-installed POIs (restaurants, gas stations, etc.) will be never deleted.

    The devices only offer an acoustic alert sound for POI warnings.
    Voice alerts are not available.

    Re-download the database and decrease the number of countries if you get an error message or system crashed.
    We received advices that some devices with MapVersion sd2-CONNECT_2012_EUR v3 can only import a limited number of POIs.


2 Identifying device

    POI installation is available for these devices:
    Nissan Connect 1.5
    Nissan Connect 2
    Nissan Connect 3
    POI installation is not available for these devices:
    Nissan Connect 1.0
    Nissan Connect 3 (MY2019)
    Below we show you how to distinguish the devices.


2.1 Nissan Connect 1.5

    Nissan Connect 1.0 and Nissan Connect 1.5 look very similar.
    Try to find the device ID in the menu: Setup > Navigation > MyPoi Settings > Device Information.
    Nissan Connect 1.0 devices do not show a device ID. POI installation is impossible.
    Only Nissan Connect 1.5 show a device ID. POI installation is possible.


2.2 Nissan Connect 3

    Nissan Connect 3 device below is ready for speedcams. Pay attention to the red arrows.
    - ENTER in the right knob
    - SD icon
    - CAMERA key on left side of the screen

    Nissan Connect 3 device (MY2019) below is not ready for speedcams. Pay attention to the red arrows.
    - OK in the right knob
    - no SD icon
    - CAMERA key on right side of the screen


3 Free sample file

    The free sample file for UK allows you to test if POI files can be installed on your navigation device.
    Install sample file according to this installation guide.

    Download sample file

    Try before purchase. Refund excluded after download started of full database.


4 Installation of speed cameras

  1. We offer only data of fixed speed cameras for Nissan Connect.
    Go to our page for Nissan Connect.
    Press button Download.

  2. Make your decision on the download page.
    Use preselection on the left or country list on the right.
    Press CTRL key for multiple choice.

  3. There is only one option in step 2.
    The speed camera database will be loaded as 1 file.
    Note: Nissan Connect devices can not import custom POI icons.

  4. Press button Download Now.
    Save file on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly to the download folder of the computer.
    Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the save location by yourself.

  5. Unpack the zip file.
    You get unzipped file nissan_connect.csv.

    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right-klick on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double-klick on the zip file.

    Note: CSV files are displayed with an Excel icon if you have installed Microsoft Excel in your computer. No reason to worry!
    You should not open the file with Excel though because the file format then can become corrupted and the file unusable.

  6. Use an USB stick with maximum capacity of 4 GB.
    Reformat the USB stick as FAT (not: FAT32 or exFAT) each time before use.
    Do not use the quick format option.

    Reformat as FAT before using is strictly recommended. Usually Nissan Connect devices can only read FAT formatted USB sticks.
    USB sticks with more than 4 GB cannot be formatted as FAT.

    We recommend to use older USB-sticks for older devices (e.g. Nissan Connect 1.5)!
    512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB work sometimes better than 4 GB USB sticks.

    In exceptional cases, it worked with a FAT32 formatted USB stick. However, we only know a few cases.
    Please try also with FAT32, if it doesn't work with FAT.

  7. Create new folder myPOIs on the USB stick.
    Open folder myPOIs.
    Create a new subfolder myPOIWarnings in the first folder.
    Open folder myPOIWarnings.
    Copy and paste file nissan_connect.csv into folder myPOIWarnings.

    Attention: The correct spelling of folder names "myPOIs" and "myPOIWarnings" is very important!
    Do not use spaces between the letters!
    Pay special attention to upper and lower case letters.

    Now it should look like this on your USB stick:

  8. Turn on the ignition.
    Wait till device is completely started.

  9. Connect USB stick to device (USB slot is usually on the right side next to ignition).
    The device normally indicates installation of new POI files automatically. Confirm installation.

    If not:
    Click Setup key.
    Go to menu Navigation > MyPOI Settings > Download MyPOIs Now.

    If that also not work:
    Connect USB stick first to the device and turn on ignition afterwards.
    After a short time the display should automatically show a message that new POIs have been found.

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  10. Enable acoustic alerts.
    Go to menu Navigation > MyPOI Settings > MyPOI Warning.
    Set MyPOI Warning to ON & Beep (recommended).

    Note: Some older devices have only option ON.

  11. Check also menu: Navigation > Guidance & Map Settings.
    There is also an option for MyPOI Warning (select ON & Beep).


5 Updating speed cameras

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update speed cameras in your device.
    Pay attention to reformat USB stick each time before use.
    As a rule it is not necessary to delete old data beforehand. But if you have any problems with the installation, you should delete old MyPOIs from system beforehand.
    Monthly updates will be recommended.


6 Removing speed cameras

    Go to menu Setup > Navigation > MyPOI Settings > Remove MyPOI From System.